Ukraine, Giletti live on TV from Moscow: “Incomprehensible controversies, a journalist must see reality with his own eyes”

from Alessandra Arachi

On Sunday evening the conductor broadcast Non l’Arena on La 7 from Red Square. Live from the spokesman of the Russian Minister Lavrov and the TV presenter Vladimir Solovyev

Massimo Giletti you in Moscow for a direct Sunday evening of Non l’Arena from Red Square, it was difficult to organize the trip?
It took a long time to go under the radar.

Will the spokeswoman for Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov be on the air at the end?
Yes, Maria Zakharova will come back from the Middle East. She is a woman with an important diplomatic history behind her who has revolutionized the way of communicating to the ministry.

And who else will there be?
During the episode we will also have a confrontation between the Ukrainian political scientist Vasilj Vakarov and Vladimir Solovyev, the famous Russian TV presenter.

Don’t you think there will be complications after the attacks on Italy by the foreign ministry and the Russian embassy?
Absolutely no.

It’s safe?
We must not forget that dialogue is the only way forward: we need to give greater strength to diplomatic action, where, among other things, the Russians are historically skilled.

There have been several controversies about his trip to Moscow …
I am for absolute freedom which also includes that of criticism. But what I struggle to understand is why a journalist cannot go and see with his own eyes the reality he talks about.

What reality did you see in Moscow? Have you noticed any concrete effects deriving from the sanctions?
Moscow lives a seemingly normal life but not Russia. As the governor of the central bank Elvira Nabiullina said, the effects of the sanctions will be felt from the third quarter.