The deputy exhibits his guns during a debate in Congress: “At my house I do what I want”

from Giuseppe Sarcina

Florida super Trumpian Greg Steube went online from home to attend a House Judicial Affairs Committee hearing showing four weapons

The Republican wall on arms also passes through the deputy living room Greg Steube, super Trumpian from Florida
. Yesterday he went online from home to attend a gun control hearing called by the House Judicial Affairs Committee. More than a political intervention it was a performance. He showed his colleagues four guns, one after the other. “Here, this is a Glock 19, the best-selling in the United States. It has a magazine with 15 bullets. According to the law proposed by the Democrats, this weapon would be banned ”. And again: «Now you are looking at a Sig Sauer P226. It is used with a 21-round magazine, which, according to the law, would become illegal. I could use a 12-round magazine, but as you can see it doesn’t fit. ‘ And so on, up to the last one, my favorite: «I carry this with me every day to protect myself, my wife and my family. It’s a Xl Sig Sauer P365. Requires a 15-round magazine. With your law, this would also be outlawed. ‘

A voice off screen is heard: it comes from the classroom. She is Democratic Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee from Texas: “I hope those guns aren’t loaded.” Steube stops and replies annoyed: “Here I am at my house and I do what I want”. The curtain actually shows how wide and probably unbridgeable the distance is between the two sides, the two cultures that are clashing in the United States.

The White House would also be content with a downward compromise. Ultimately Biden did not want to attack or “express contempt” for “all those who legitimately possess a weapon.”

But the words, the attitude of the deputy Steube anticipate what will happen in the coming days in Congress. Most Republicans are always ready to reject even the president’s latest appeal. Many of them will follow the push of Donald Trump who, on Friday 27 May, just three days after the Uvalde massacre, gave a very aggressive speech in Houston, at the NRA Convention, the “National Rifle Association”, the builders’ lobby and of gun owners. The former president rejected any possible restriction and instead proposed placing armed garrisons in front of schools, churches, supermarkets.

Now stay to verify if at least ten Republican senators will move independently and will act as a bank in Biden.
Otherwise, as the president himself observed, the word will pass to the voters called to renew the Chamber and a third of the Senate in November.

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