The writers that develop all the crazy amounts of content you see are all dedicated to simplifying technology for you. They work round the clock to make sure that you don’t have to get confused when out buying or researching any device or gadget. 

Jace Tremblay – Founder

Jace Tremblay pitched his idea to many investors in the early day but did not attract much capital. He put in his own equity and hard work to keep the startup running. The results and rewards started showing gradually as the website got popular.

Today, it has earned the tag of a successful consumer platform that remains a leader in its segment.

TRRA stands out because of the genuine work and nurturing that Jace put behind it. His philosophy of working hard irrespective of results is what kept the business going. It fuels the passion amongst the staff even today. 

Jace is now planning to expand organically and inorganically to make the website a bigger platform than it is today. 

Charlotte Bell –  Writer

Charlotte Bell completely immersed herself with all the latest technology since high school itself. Her work as a senior journalist at Mad Tech is seen as quite monumental even today. 

Who better to be the first writer at a young startup than a fresh graduate from Pennsylvania State University? Charlotte walked in at the right time when TRRA was very young. She became one of the earliest employees and started writing content for the website single-handedly, the rest is as they say history. 

As the readers grew in size she got the luxury of hiring more writers and today she has a whole team of bright graduates and some seasoned experts. Charlotte is well reputed for her creative skills and was recently awarded the Creative Disruptor of The Year Award at TechMela 2021. 

The scope of growth and innovation at TRRA is quite vast and Charlotte wants to capture all that the market and current wave of innovation has to offer. She has promised to release new updates very soon for users worldwide, so keep looking for the next big thing!