Queen’s Jubilee, the program | Evacuated Trafalgar Square, the Derby without Elizabeth

from Enrica Roddolo and online editorial staff

Police detonated a suspicious package. The Epsom Derby without Elizabeth. William and Kate are in Cardiff, the Wessex (Edward with his wife Sophie) in Northern Ireland. And tonight the Windsors on stage

About 22,000 people are expected today at the big time Platinum party at the Palacethe open air concert to be held in front of Buckingham Palace. Prince Charles and his son William, Duke of Cambridge, will pay homage to Queen Elizabeth. the highlight of the third day of public events for the
platinum jubilee which celebrates Elisabetta’s 70 years of reign: Diana Ross, Andrea Bocelli, Hans Zimmer, Queen with Adam Lambert on vocals, Alicia Keys, George Ezra and Sam Ryder will be on stage.

Tonight’s concert will be broadcast live by the BBC on the radio, on TV and online starting at 9pm Italian time. It will last about 2 and a half hours. The Queen is not supposed to attend and will be watching it on TV in Windsor Castle. Yesterday the presence of the sovereign was also excluded at the Epsom Derby Day, the horse racing competition.

Trafalgar Square evcuation, then the alarm goes off

The police have evacuated Trafalgar Square briefly, near Buckingham Palace, for security reasons, after the presence of a suspicious package, subjected to a controlled explosion, was reported. Police explained that these are routine checks (numerous in cases like these).

The concert

Buckingham Palace will become a tonight great outdoor show. The royal palace which since 1837 has been the heart of the British monarchy, from whose balcony Elizabeth has looked out many times, even on 2 June for the historical photo of this Platinum Jubilee, like a large stage on which stars and stars will climb, from the runner-up to the ‘Eurovision Sam Ryder to Andrea Bocelli and many others, expression of seventy years of history in music.

With an eye to yesterday’s stars (there will also be Brian May and Rod Stewart, Duran Duran and Diana Ross), and to the new talents of which Ryder is an expression. With the myth of the musicals of Lord Andrew Lloyd-Webber, and voices like Alicia Keys. It will also be time for Carlo and William to speak on stage. The homage of the son and grandson to a mother and grandmother, but above all a queen who for a country is the heart and history, the past and the hopes for the future. Center of gravity of stability in a complex time, after you have been able to drive for 70 years indicating the route. And once again it will not only be Charles, from the expectations, but also William the second in line of succession to go up on that stage and talk about the queen. Once again a ticket, a Windsor couple, as we already saw at the State Opening of Parliament a month ago.

The Epsom Derby

So today the Windsors have divided the tasks: the princess who yesterday after mass in St Paul flew to Edinburgh today will be in the place of the queen at Epsom Derby. the long-awaited appointment with the horse races so loved by Her majesty of her who had to give it up for her. Passion for horses to which you directly referred yesterday in the sermon in the cathedral yesterday. Your Majesty we are happy that you are still well in the saddle, said the Archbishop of York. William and Kate, before the concert tonight, instead went to Cardiff today, while the Wessex (the son of Queen Edward with his wife Sophie) flew to Northern Ireland.

All to represent the head of the family, the 96 year old queen, and head of state who today instead restores herself in Windsor where in the Frogmore cottage (the villa of the reception and then of the first months of Harry and Meghan after the wedding of 2018 subsequently inhabited by the daughter of the Prince Andrew) the dukes of Sussex have settled in these days. With them there is the little Lilibet Diana who is now 1 year old, together with her elder brother Archie, 3, and the queen will probably meet them also hypothesized a possible baptism of Elizabeth’s granddaughter who bears her own name. Intimate moment that could mend the many cracks in the family. But far from Charles and William and the rest of the official family.

It is no coincidence that yesterday after the distance inside the cathedral, even the moment of meeting and toast at the Guildhall in the City where the Windsors moved, Harry and Meghan did not take part. So for Elisabetta there are two missions to accomplish in this sunset of a kingdom that the crowd of these days in London confirms was extraordinary and beloved: to prepare the succession as a good leader and company manager. And mend the tears in the family.

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