Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace with Charles, William and George: in this greeting the deliveries for the future

from Enrica Roddolo

It began with the queen at “that” balcony, and ends with a new, never-so-anticipated appearance of the British sovereign at the same balcony. A view that delivers the message of the future: it presents the succession to the throne with Charles, William and George

LONDON – Here she is the queen, with Charles and William and the little prince George (Camilla, Kate and the children). The closing greeting of this Jubilee is entrusted to the direct line of succession to the throne. In green, smiling, the 96-year-old queen greets the world: 1 billion people are following her. Say hello happy, satisfied: the future is ensured by Carlo, William and George. And the line of succession is all there, reunited with her at that balcony which once again, like last June 2nd when Elisabetta appeared for the first time, becomes the heart of the country and of her future.

An apparition that is a very strong message: the monarchy is in good health. And there are three generations of Windsors ready (or preparing) to reap the legacy of Elizabeth II at their best.

“In the British monarchy, nothing happens by chance, everything is thought out and prepared with great care – explains al Courier Daniel Franklin, Executive Director of The Economist -. And what we saw in the choreography of the Jubilee celebrations confirms it. A choreography that was indeed a celebration of the past, of 70 years of reign. But also preparation for the future. Even the Queen’s absences in these days have been used to show a sense of continuity: we saw Carlo (with Camilla at her side) and William ».

Yes, Carlo on stage last night at the concert at the Palazzo who talked about his mother Elisabetta with Camilla next to him. And William who preceded him talking about the environment. Another sign? “Yes, the emphasis on the environment and the future of the planet is equally indicative – replies Franklin -: on the one hand, it reaffirms the message that the sovereign is a” guardian “of his country, and at the same time it is a direct message to the new generations “.

Precisely those new generations, especially in the 18-24 age groupfrom the latest polls they are less affectionate and benevolent towards the crown.

In St Paul’s cathedral not the Sussexes, nor Charles and Camilla, but the prime minister who came out spotted by the Partygate had been booed. Despite the troubles in the Windsor family? “Everything in this Jubilee has been concentrated around the figure of the front-line Royals. And the focus of the celebrations was national values, far from a time when the political choices of the country and its prime minister are in a state of confusion. With that constant reference to the integrity of the figure of the queen, a quality that the current government lacks today “.

The appearance of the queen with the “future of the British monarchy” was therefore the grand finale of a Jubilee and a great celebratory parade that began with the queen returned as young as in 1953 while greeting the large crowd today as in 1953. When in the same carriage – the Gold State Coach built for King George III on which his hologram was seen today – traveled London for the coronation at Westminster Abbey.

She is the “young queen”, an illusion of technology but so perfect that she really looks like her as she greets, surrounded by the exact same ceremonial as 70 years ago. Then the show was a triumph of colors and special effects, of a playful and light carnival also suitable for children.

And never as at this Platinum Jubilee have the protagonists been the youngest (from the third in line of succession, George after William and Carlo) to Kate’s youngest son, little Louis, seen for the first time on the lap of his grandfather Carlo. An unusual dimension for the Prince of Wales who has never seen himself so confidently before, indeed amused by the presence of his grandson.