Putin removes General Dvornikov, according to the Ukrainians: Deputy Defense Minister Zhidko in his place?

The news of a possible change that is not new and currently not verifiable. Dvornikov had not been seen for at least two weeks, now it remains to be seen whether the rumors are based on real developments

The general Alexandr Dvornikovin charge of operations in Ukraine, would be relieved of his post: his post would be taken by the Deputy Minister of Defense, Gennady Zhidko. as claimed by the Conflict Intelligence Team, a Russian investigative site.

The news of a possible change not new and currently not verifiable. In fact, it had already been released a few days ago, relaunched with great caution, by some analyst following the conflict. A couple of days after the New York Times added a vague detail: according to American sources, Dvornikov hadn’t been seen for at least two weeks. An absence that could partly corroborate the thesis of a replacement or simply indicate a temporary absence. Now it is to be understood whether the rumors of these hours are based on real developments or it is not a reissue of the old information. We well know how the propaganda war becomes more intense in the critical phases.

Dvornikov – if the torpedo were true – may have paid for one unsatisfactory management in the eyes of the Kremlin. However, the invaders launched an offensive that resulted in tactical victories in the Donbass, an advance recognized by the same. Zelensky who admitted the difficulties of the moment. At the same time, the (possible) choice of a new commander can meet the need to speed up the mission, provided that the troops, after weeks of fierce fighting, still have the necessary strength.

Zhidko, 56, of Uzbek origins, has a robust career behind him divided between more political posts and those on the ground. As Dvornikov spent a period in Syria, in 2016, where he held the position of Chief of Staff of the contingent, he headed the District in the Far East and then dealt with the reorganization of the Army, the propaganda sector, but also the aspects related to mobilization. it was always he who dedicated himself to the intensification of projects for encourage the recruitment of young cadets. An experienced conflict motivator that drains resources on both sides.