Putin has cancer, according to US intelligence

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Vladimir Putin would be ill, according to a US report which Newsweek reports exclusively: the Russian president would have undergone treatment in April for an advanced stage of cancer, and would have escaped an assassination attempt in March

Vladimir Putin

would be sick of

at an advanced stage, and would have been subjected to specific cancer treatments last April.

To write it – as reported exclusively by Newsweekwhich cites three high-level sources with direct knowledge of the dossier – it would be a US intelligence report.

The report would also confirm a assassination attempt which the Russian leader allegedly survived last March. Kyrylo Budanov, the head of Ukrainian military intelligence, spoke of the assassination attempt at the end of May.

In the article by Newsweek it is explained that the discussion in the Biden administration concerning Putin’s health is based on the fourth assessment dedicated to the topic by American intelligence.

For some time, rumors about Putin’s alleged illness have been chasing each other, and lately – with a move with few precedents, given the absolute secrecy surrounding the issue – the Russian foreign minister, Sergei Lavrovhe had decided to deny them with an interview on French television.

The latest news on the war in Ukraine

I don’t think anyone in their right mind can see any signs of illness or ailment in this person (Putin), Lavrov said, pointing out that the Russian president, who turns 70 in October, appears in public on a daily basis. You can see him on TV, read or listen to him talk about him, he added. I leave those who spread such rumors to settle the matter with their own conscience, despite the daily opportunities they have to verify what.

In recent months there was talk, in particular, of one spinal cord neoplasm, whose symptoms would be compatible with some walking difficulties and certain postural restlessness of Putin (here the article by Sandro Modeo). In the article by Newsweek in any case, it is not specified what type of tumor it is, while intelligence sources review all the video appearances of the Russian president, which are regularly and carefully scanned for clues about his health.

The sources cited by Newsweek would belong to three different intelligence agencies: One belongs to the DNIa former officer of the Air Forceand one of the Defense Intelligence Agencyit is read.

According to these sources, the isolation of the Russian leader makes it increasingly difficult to understand precisely the health conditions of the Russian president, but in the Kremlin, feeling the end approaching, the power struggle has never been so intense. This, in their opinion, makes the future unpredictable regarding the unfolding of the war in Ukraine – but it pays off the prospect of an atomic war is less likely.

Sick Putin? Absolutely yes. But we don’t have to put ourselves in a waiting position, and stop being proactive. Any power vacuum after Putin could be extremely dangerous for the worldsaid a Newsweek the former Air Force officer.

And the quoted statements to the representative of the DIA move along the same line: Putin certainly ill. Whether he is destined to die soon, however, is a matter of pure speculation. What is certain is still dangerous, and that if he were to die, a period of chaos would open. We need to focus on this, and be ready.

Just three weeks ago, the leader of the Ukrainian 007, Kyrylo Budanovvery close to Zelensky, during an interview he confirmed that according to intelligence sources Putin is seriously ill with cancer: a coup d’etat is underway that can no longer be stopped, Putin in very bad psychological and physical conditions, very sick. He wondered if it was Kiev propaganda, Budanov replied: I’m the head of intelligence, if I don’t know these things who should know ?.

The American newspaper Politic
orin an article entitled What is happening to Vladimir Putin, traces all the times that in recent years the press (and not only) has questioned the physical health of the president of the Russian Federation. There is talk of Covid, mysterious exits and cancer. What is called the incident every time, compared with the response of the Kremlin – which it always denies. It is difficult not to notice the paragraph dedicated to the possible tumor. It is read: In April, Russian detective agency Proekt found that an oncologist visited Putin 35 times in four yearsspending 166 days with him, in his residence.

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