Poisons, explosives and fake suicides: the mystery of the scientists killed in Iran

from Guido Olimpio

The Last Act: Drone Engineer Killed. According to some sources, he was poisoned. The other cases of the hidden conflict between Israel and the land of the ayatollahs

Lhe secret war between Israel and Iran resumed or perhaps never stopped. The last act that emerged yesterday: Ayoub Entezari, an aerospace engineer at Tehran’s Sharif University, who died under unclear circumstances. Some sources do not rule out that he may have been poisoned.

External enemies

The scientist, who worked on the development of missiles and drones, may have been the victim of an assassination by external enemies, particularly Israel. The use of the potion of God – as Mossad defines the use of poisons – could be a sort of signature for an action intended to eliminate first-level technicians.
The news is even heavier because it follows no less dramatic events. Almost a week ago, two men on motorcycles killed Colonel Hassan Khodaei, a senior member of the Pasdaran who held a position in Unit 840 of the Qods Division, the apparatus engaged in special operations, on a street in Tehran.

Killer on a motorcycle

The hit men approached his car and fired at least 5 shots. A ritual already seen in ambushes that have occurred in the past that have targeted nuclear scientists. The tactic is identical, with performers riding a motorcycle using a pistol or placing a magnetic charge. Khodaei was reportedly liquidated because he was suspected of planning anti-Israel attacks abroad.

Explosive drone

The unfinished story. Because last week another engineer who worked in the Parchin research center died for accidental reasons: they were actually going to kill him with a small explosive drone. Local media revealed a third death on Friday. Colonel Ali Esmailzadeh, a member of the Revolutionary Guards and also a member of the 840, was killed in an accident at his home in Karaj, 35 kilometers northwest of Tehran. One version speculated that he is fell from the roof, rumors hinted at an unlikely suicide. Inevitable to think of a murder in disguise while Jerusalem has denied any wrongdoing.

Clandestine struggle

The particular aspect is that the ayatollah’s opponents have gone from spectacular strikes against primary figures, as in the case of the father of the atomic project Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, in middle management. An extension of the target bank. Israel focuses its sights on researchers, but also on those who take part in the clandestine struggle. And it demonstrates the inefficiencies of the security systems. The repetition of episodes – including the fires in strategic sites – leads to suspicion of the hand of the Mossad even when it is not there and Israel is clearly doing everything to fuel the game. Dangerous. Tehran promised revenge.
All this while protests over the dear life are multiplying in the country. The collapse of a building in Abadan with 37 deaths became the spark for other disputes: for the inhabitants a disaster to be attributed to the lack of controls. A popular dissent that drives Al Khamenei he branded a maneuver instigated by foreign forces.