Oklahoma bans abortion from conception: the new law is the most restrictive in the US

from Alessandro Vinci

The rule, passed on Wednesday by Governor Kevin Stitt, provides exceptions only in the case of risks to the health of the mother or if the pregnancy results from rape or incest. Pro-choice organizations: We will appeal

I promised citizens that I would sign every single pro-life deed that arrived on my desk, and today I’m happy to be able to deliver on that promise. He rejoices in a note Kevin Stitt, the Republican governor of Oklahoma, after having promulgated Wednesday the most restrictive law on abortion of all the United States, to which the House of Representatives had already given the formal green light in March. As expected, therefore, from now on in the Midwestern state, termination of pregnancy will be prohibited from conception. Very few exceptions: serious health risks for the mother or the eventuality in which the gestation is the result of rape or incest. Furthermore, the text provides for the possibility, for any citizen, of Sue doctors, operators and in general anyone who practices abortion or knowingly helps a woman to obtain it.

The Texas precedent

As is evident, this is an even stricter measure than the one approved in September by the neighbor Texas, which prohibits abortion after six weeks (in this case, however, even as a result of rape or incest). In Oklahoma we will always fight for life – continued Governor Stitt -. From the moment life begins, that is, from conception, we have a responsibility as human beings to do everything possible to protect the life of the child and that of the mother. This is what the majority of Oklahoma people believe. And again: If other states want to approve different laws their right, but we are always lined up for life.

Appeal coming soon

It should be noted that the new rule does not cover the use, prescription, supply or sale of morning-after pills, nor any type of contraception or emergency contraception. But that wasn’t enough to reduce it outrage of the opposition: If you haven’t been born yet, then you’re good to go. But if you’re in kindergarten, good luck if you were born in Oklahoma; good luck struggling with an underfunded adoption system born within an underfunded school system, the Democrat commented sarcastically Mickey Dollens. In frat the Center for Reproductive Rights and the Planned Parenthood organization have already announced of voler appeal against the norm, considered at risk of plunging patients into a state of chaos and fear. All while, as anticipated at the beginning of the month by Politic the Supreme Court would be on the verge of overturn the Roe vs. Wade which in 1973 recognized the right to abortion throughout the country.