Johnson: “The queen for me is Elizabeth the Great, our Rock for 70 years”

from Enrica Roddolo

Parliament’s homage to Elizabeth II on the occasion of the Jubilee. The premier: “No monarch has ever served this country for so long, and so well”

The day after Sue Gray’s harsh report on Downing Street parties in times of pandemic, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is seated today in Westminster to pay tribute to the Queen’s 70-year reign – exactly a week from the heart of the celebrations from 2 to 5 June next – there must have been a (fleeting) moment of respite.

The premier who every week (like all the prime ministers who preceded him) meets the queen in person or virtually to take stock of state affairs, he listed the merits of the British sovereign with the longest reign. The first to cross the finish line of the Platinum Jubilee. And considering that William will turn 40 on June 21st and Carlo is already 73 – none of them have the chance to equal the record. Elizabeth became queen at the age of 25, as well as remaining in good physical shape until this 96th birthday which will be solemnly celebrated by Trooping the Color on June 2.

Today, we pay tribute to a head of state whose service life and dedication are simply unmatched“. “Today we pay tribute to a head of state whose length of service and dedication to duty to are simply without parallelJohnson said verbatim opening the parliamentary debate. And adding: «For me she is ‘Elizabeth the Great’. You are the only monarch that many of us in this country have ever known during their lifetime ». In fact, up to five generations of Britons can recognize Elizabeth as their queen.

Then the premier handed it over to history as “the Rock to which our nation and our people have remained anchored to withstand all that these 70 years have reserved for us“. Continuing: “No monarch has ever served this country for so long, and so well.”