Harry and Meghan, turning point at the Jubilee: “On the balcony for the grand finale”

from Luigi Ippolito

The “spokesperson” of the two reveals the twist. The Dukes of Sussex excluded from the inaugural parade, but admitted to church on June 3. Meanwhile, Harry works on the memoirs

From our correspondent
Harry and Meghan will appear on the balcony with the Queen at the end of the Jubilee, but Diana’s son will never return to Britain
because his home is now America: word of Omid Scobie, the “unofficial spokesperson” – even if he denies – of the Dukes of Sussex, the author of “Finding Freedom” (released in Italy as “Harry and Meghan. Libertà »), the chronicle of the Megxit seen through the eyes of the two refugees.

In London preparing next week a celebrate the 70th anniversary of Elizabeth’s reignjournalists are converging and royal watchers from all over the world, who work hard. Among them is Scobie, who yesterday met a group of foreign correspondents: and turned on a beacon on the more controversial side of the celebrations, namely the presence of the Dukes of Sussex after years of bitter controversy against the royals.

It is the first time that Harry and Meghan have returned for an official occasion, yet they were banished from the Buckingham Palace balcony on the day of the grand military parade, June 2: next to the queen there will be only the royals in full service. But a twist is not excluded: «There is the possibility of a surprise at the end of the Jubilee, at the public procession on June 5th – reveals Scobie. Rumor has it that the Queen will watch her on a screen at Buckingham Palace and then she will only step out onto the balcony at the end: and there are rumors that Harry and Meghan will be there with her, despite not being able to appear on the first day. There have been indications from the Palazzo in this sense ».

What is certain is that the Sussexes will be at thanksgiving mass in St. Paul’s Cathedral on the 3rd morning, a time open to all members of the royal family. “Harry and Meghan will want to stay away from the institutional side of the monarchy – explains Scobie – that’s why they will be at the event more family”. And from this point of view «I would not be surprised – he adds – if we saw for the first time photos of the queen with Archie and Lilibeth, the children of the Sussexes. There have also been rumors of a baptism of Lilibeth for the occasion, but as far as I know it will not happen during the days of the Jubilee ».

Meanwhile Harry is working on his memoir, due out in the fall and promises to be explosive. Scobie, however, tries to throw water on the fire: «I spoke to those involved in this book – he says – and Harry wants to focus on his side of the story, not on the others in a negative way. But I guess he’ll be crude when he talks about the institutional side, about things that hit him directly. However, it is not a book to vent his frustrations of the past years: it will probably lead us to ask further questions ».

One thing, however, Scobie feels excluded: the return of the prince to his homeland. “Harry feels that America is now his home and this has a lot to do with his family experience, which in Britain was ruined by problems with the media and with the institution: by going to America they got rid of both of those problems. That said, he is always very proud of his roots: and over time we will see Harry more involved in business in Britain. But we haven’t reached that point yet: he feels he has been pushed where he is now, he doesn’t feel welcome here. “

Meghan, on the other hand, is more and more involved in American public life, with frequent interventions: so much so that there are those who imagine that he intends to go down in politics, even running for president. But Scobie is not convinced: “She will not do it, she prefers to stay outside the institutions, promoting causes from the outside.” We will see